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Dear all,

One of the things that are special to this site, is the chat section. We are not many users, so it is still not heavily used. And when we are few, many will maybe sometimes visit it, only to find they are alone in the chatroom.

But it might just turn out to be a very good function of this site. So to get it to a more regular feature among us, I will try to sit in there regulary every Sunday from 20-22. Maybe if we start off with a fixed day and time every week, it will become more natural to drop by. If that works we can easily have more of these fixed times, and start developing relations in there, making it more natural to use it.

But to start of with - every SUNDAY 20-22 CET

All the best

That is a very good idea, Dennis. I will try to meet this - maybe we can establish some kind of regular virtual "round table" :)

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